Thapasvi – Amazing Choices of Life

by Srirama Chakradhar Rallabandi (Author) 

Set of 2 Volumes


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Thapasvi presents the most sought-after skills of the competitive, globalized, and contemporary world through the lens of Valmiki Ramayana.

It presents the case studies in Ramayana to imbibe life-transforming skills. These skills help us lead our life as per our choices and not by compulsions.

“Thapasvi” is the outcome of enormous research by the “Thavaasmi” team on Ramayana.


1. Content is presented as a dialogue between a research scholar (Thapasvi) and a student (Thavaasmi)

2. Focus is on the most sought-after skills of the current age in alphabetical order (A to Z)

Ex – A: Affability, C: Conflict Resolution, P: Parenting, Q: Art of Questioning, etc..

3. Authentic based on Valmiki Ramayana

4. Discussion designed to make the best students

5. Practice and introspection made easy using KRIA (Knowledge, Retrospection, Introspection in Action) activities

6. Aesthetic richness through situational images

7. Mind maps are used to make assimilation easy